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Blister Packaging Machines

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Blister Packaging Machines
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1. Forming film of reel support with automatic unwinding system.
2. Plate heating system. Lift-off on machine stop.
3. Compressed air forming station.
4. Filling device (automatic or manual).
5. Coverfoil of reel support with automatic unwinding system.
6. Guide rails.
7. Sealing station.
8. Cooling station.
9. Punching station.
10. Waste winding unit.

Advantages of the platen sealing system:
1. Sufficient process time.
2. Constant and relatively low sealing temperature over the full sealing plaren.
3. Low energy cost.
4. Flexibility to seal a range of lid materials.
5. Proportional heat control with only +/- 5°C variation.
6. Uniform pressure distribution over the full platen surface.
7. Heat transfer to product is avoided.
8. Absorption of sealing load within the station.
9. Separation of indexing and sealing functions.
1. Formed area available(max mm):80(W)x120(L). 2. Form film thickness (mm):250-350 micron. 3. Lid foil width(max mm): 124. 4. Forming depth(mm): 13(or as require). 5. Reel diameter Film (max mm) / foil (max mm) / core (mm) : 400/240/70-76. 6. Conveying length(max mm): 112. 7. Capacity / strokes(max): 50. 8. Electrical connection: 220V,380V, / 440V50 Hz or 60 Hz. 9. Compressed air consumption: 36.9-52.4 CFM at 7Kg/Cm2. G1045-1484 L/Min. 10. Cooling water consumption: 0.06m3-0.1m3 / Hr15oC-20oC. 11. Floor space (approx mm): 3260Lx800Wx1550H. 12. Main motor, heater: 1/4HP, 3-4W. 13. Shipping Data (approx):. G.W. Kg: 1000. N.W. Kg: 700. (approx) Cu-Ft: 190.

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