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Semi Automatic Volumetric Filling Machines

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Semi Automatic Volumetric Filling Machines
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1. This machine is designed for the volumetric filling of various liquid.By the motion of cylindrical piston to achieve precise volume of filling to ensure the exact measurement. The filling volume of liquid is changeable & adjustable easily by a simple operation.
2. Filling nozzles fall down into bottle to fill. It is capable to fill in continuous or intermittent operation,working speed is depending on the speed of manual bottle feeding speed.
3. The piston & cylinder are made of stainless steel #304 with hard chrome-plating to reinforced surface hardness. And the panel is made of stainless steel which is very easy to wash and clean up.
1. Models: CVF-M.
2. Filling capacity: 5cc-60cc, 30cc-150cc 100cc-500cc, 500cc-1500cc.
3. Speed: 10~30 pcs/min.
4. Motor power: 1 HP.
5. Source power: 220V, 1Ø, 50/60Hz.
6. Machine dimension: 460L x 500W x 1232H(mm).
7. Machine weight: 185 kg.

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