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Automatic Filling Machines

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Automatic Filling Machines
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1. Adopt touch screen controller to key in fill volume and speed, need no mechanical adjustment. Fill volume control by precise Ball Screw of high accuracy.
2. Parts of filling cylinder contacting liquid made of stainless steel treated with hard chrome for abrasion resistance and without contamination.
3. Filling cylinder easy disassembly for cleaning work.
4. Bottle feeding, separated & positioning control by adjustable air cylinders.
5. Filling Nozzles drive by air cylinder moving up & down during filling to prevent liquid forming.
6. Filling Nozzle’s upmost & lowest position adjustable by height adjust device with figure for operation record.
7. Air cylinders of filling nozzle and reversing valve act simultaneously.
8. Machine stop filling operation if there is no bottle. Adopt bottle bottom filling.
9. Equip with drip reservoir, height adjustable device with figure for operation record.
10. Equip with 175L product tank.
11. Equip with speed adjustable conveyor, can operate alone or connect with Auto Capping Machine and Auto Labelling Machine.
12. Meet G.M.P requirement.
13. Application:
Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Soy Sauce, Shampoo & Chemical factory, especially for high viscosity liquid filling.
1. Model: AF-80 SS.
2. Fill volume: 200 ~ 600 cc.
3. Capacity: 60-80 B/min.
4. Fill nozzle: 8 pc.
5. Power: 2.25HP.
6. Power source: 220V, 1∮, 50 / 60Hz.
7. Machine dimension: 3048L x 1100W x 2160H m/m.
8. Weight: 900 kg.
9. Compress air (self-provided) : 6 kg/㎝.
10. Air consumption: 200 L/min.

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