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800MHz To 18GHz Double Ridged Broadband Waveguide Horn Antennas

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800MHz To 18GHz Double Ridged Broadband Waveguide Horn Antennas
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The antenna main body with the bracket using CNC precision manufacturing, and adopt a more weather resistant material aluminum material and the surface through the 6061 and 7071 Aluminum special handling to prevent oxidation. The AHA-08M18G-NF antenna for local manufacturing in Taiwan, It has many group of spare parts and the peripheral fitting. If you have any question, we may provide service and the adjustment service anytime.
AHA-08M18G-NF each antenna through the RF network analyzer and adjust the testing.

1. 800 MHz to 18GHz.
2. 6061 Aluminum metal alloy.
3. Stainless steel N-female.
4. Taiwan design, make in Taiwan.

1. High power 500W (peak) 300W (Cont).
2. DC short lightning protection.
3. Low VSWR.
4. Uniform Gain.
5. Consolidated performance data base.

Laboratory to ensure that AHA-08M18G-NF the stability and quality.
Electrical specifications: Frequency range: 800MHz - 18000MHz. 1GHz - 8GHz V.S.W.R 2.0: 1 (avg). Antenna type horn. Radiation directional: Gain 4-16 dBi. Antenna factor 24 - 40 dB/m. Polarization vertical or horizontal. Maximum power 500W. Vertical beam-with 90 -10 Deg. Horizontal Beam-with 60 - 10 Deg. Impedance 50Ω. FBR 10 - 35 db. Antenna design double-ridge. Connector N-Female. Mechanical specifications: Length (MAX) 203mm. Diameter (MAX) 246 x 147 mm. Antenna weight (G.W) 1300g. Accessories (G.W) 200g. Application indoor. Paets material Aluminum. L Mount style M6 or 1/4 in. Mounting: L type aluminum. Mount style 22mm / Long 150mm. indexing ring mounting 22mm Tube. Storage temperature -20 to +60. Operating temperature -10 to +30. Operating humidity 10%~70% non-condensing. Storage humidity 5%~50% non-condensing. Safety, emission and other: RoHS.

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