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Embossing Machines

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Embossing Machines
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1. Applicable material: paper laminate, metalized paper, aluminum foil + paper.
2. Rewinding type: center rewinding with single rewind shafts.
3. Unwinding section:
(1)Equipped with air-shafts (dia.3") making loading and unloading easier.
(2)Pneumatic unwinding shaft locking device for safety protection.
(3)Equipped with pneumatic brake as well as electro/ pneumatic converter for wide range tension control.
4. Unwind tension control: equipped with automatic tension controller with load-cells. The actual tension is digitally displayed, increasing the tension control precision with minimal operation efforts.
5. Embossing section:
(1)Equipped with automatic constant hydraulic pressure control system.
(2)Individual hydraulic pump with two sets of hydraulic cylinder, ensure the constant embossing-pressure providing.
(3)Equipped with embossing roller and paper roller.
(4)Equipped with automatic counter which will stop the machine when reaching pre-set meters.
6. Rewinding section:
(1)Equipped with rewind ac induction servo motor to provide constant tension. Rewind tension gain is also adjustable.
(2)Equipped with rewinding airshaft (dia.6") making loading and unloading easier.
7. Rewinding tension control:
(1)Equipped with automatic tension controller with minimal operation effort.
(2)Press-roller equipped with constant pressure control system.
1. Max. parent web width: 1000-1500 mm. 2. Max. parent web diameter: 1000 mm. 3. Thickness range depends on various materials’ conditions. 4. Max. rewind diameter: 1000 mm. 5. Unwind/ rewind core I.D.: 3". (or as request) 6. Max. machine speed: 150 m/min.

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