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Automatic Center Seal Bag Making Machines

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Automatic Center Seal Bag Making Machines
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1. Applicable material: Sealable laminated film, thickness 40-150.
2. Main drive: Main drive servo motor with driver provide accurate sealing time control, suitable for constant sealing time control system.
3. Feeding motor: Equipped with two sets of servo motors and drivers, which can raise the production speed and provide accurate bag length control.
4. Unwind section:
(1)Horizontal type unwind stand / Swing-out/Lift-up type mechanical shaft with 3" adapters makes loading and unloading more convenient.
(2)Equipped with Automatic Tension Controller (diameter calculating type), provide constant and stable web tension control.
(3)Upgraded dancer-roller section with 2-steps film folding devices provides stable tension for films before entering the bag making section.
5. Bag making:
(1)ACM-43 can make the center-seal bags and gusset bags.
(2)2 steps type film folding device makes the bag forming and center sealing position more accurate and stable.
(3)Equipped with automatic lift-up mechanism to lift up the upper sealing stands and bars to avoid overheating the material when the machine stops.
(4)Latitudinal double sealing device and cooling devices provides each sealing area could be sealed twice by different sealing temperature. Suitable for high-speed production and ensure the bag sealing quality.
(5)The design of safety cutter provides extra safety for the operator.
6. Maintenance: Central Lubrication System is connected to each important internal parts, makes maintenance easier and faster.
1. Model: acm-43. 2. Max. parent web width: 820 mm. 3. Max. parent web diameter: 600 mm. 4. Center seal bag width: 50~400 mm. 5. Gusset seal bag width: 50~300 mm. 6. Max. bag length: 400 mm (plain bag). 7. Max. gusset depth: 60 mm (each side). 8. Machine speed: 180 cuts/min.

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