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Semiautomatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

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Semiautomatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
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LED digital display type lift up motor controller enables user to adjust the values of required positions more conveniently.
Microcomputer PID automatic computation temperature control table. Supersonic wave utilizes large size crystal heat sink with good heat dissipation and good for long period operation. High efficiency load force provides stable output and would be affected by the load. Release stable oscillation wave for better cleaning of products. Output matching easy. Low malfunction ratio. High durability. Extends the service life of supersonic wave oscillator. Japanese made electric leak non-fuse electromagnetic valve switch is the electric leak safety device to protect the safety of man and equipment.
1. Size: 3230 x 780 x 1960mm (L x W x H).
2. Weight: around 350KG. 
3. Materials: the enclosure of the machine SUS304 stainless steel.
4. Voltage: voltage three phases three wires 220V / 380V / 440V. 
5. Operation power supply: 220V.
6. Power: 20KW. 
7. Air discharge fan: 220V 60KW. 
8. Electric heat pipe: 220V 16KW.
9. Temperature controller: the highest temperature reaches above 120°C. 
10. Filter motor:110V / 40W. 
11. Rotary lift motor: 220V / 25W. 
12. Ultrasonic Server: 220V / 1200w. 
13. Capacity: 80~100 frame/hour.

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