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Water Vending Machines RO-100A-I

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Water Vending Machines RO-100A-I
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Detailed Product Description
Water Vending Machine
2.Hot & Cold water
3.Economy;stability,easy operate & maintain
Water Vending Machine: Characteristic:
1. Luxury stainless steel waterproof frame, front door-open design, safe and sanitation, war well, easy install & maintain.
2. Advanced RO technic, nine steps efficient water treatment, output water quality accord with national drinking water standard.
3. Intelligent coin and IC card induction selling control techinc, up to $0.01charge precision.
4. Obturation mode filling + High- concentration Ozone sterilization
5. Lamp-checked filling and auto sensitization control, power save.
6. Strong beforehand treatment, and backwashing, which reduce the use cost.

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