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Automatic 600B/H Water Filling Machines For 5gallon

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Automatic 600B/H Water Filling Machines For 5gallon
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Automatic water filling machine with PLC program control
1.Capacity: 600B/H for 5Gal
2. Multistage inner washing postion

Automatic water filling machine, water bottle filling machine, bottled water filling machine for 5 gallon bottles.

1) Automatic washing, filling, capping function in one unit
2) Five working stations available
3) Stainless steel waterproof housing
4) PLC controlled system for easy operation and maintenance
5) Adjustable filling capacity
6) Widely used for pure water filling lines
7) Bottle filling capacity: 600 bottles/hr
8) Cap specifications: 270 x 490 x 56mm
9) Compressed air capacity: P >= 0.6MPa
10) Bottle volume: 3/5G
11) Washing part: 3,850 x 1,670 x 1,900mm
12) Filling part: 3,700 x 940 x 1,900mm
Multi-stage bottle washing process, accurate water filling and caps sorting sticking unit, high bottled water filling efficiency, reliable quality, brand accessories from worldwide components supplier

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