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Dual Axle Metal Plate Circle Forming Machines

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Dual Axle Metal Plate Circle Forming Machines
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1. This cylinder hydraulic circle forming machine is capable of roller forming the sheet metal into cylinder work-piece. The hydraulic roller cylinder causes the forming quality of the work-piece even and stable. Pneumatic fastening makes the operation easy.
2. Dual axle metal plate circle forming machines ( automation welding tables).
1. The life span and friction resistant of the PU coated cylinder is Superior than most of the other materials. It will not damage The surface of the work-piece after roller forming. 2. Hydraulic cylinder: Output is high and even. Product quality is stable. 3. Transmission: AC motor driven by speed reducer, roller forming the sheet metal by friction. 4. Working thickness adjustment: Rollers are adjustable by the thickness of the work-piece. It¡¦s more effort-saving and distortion free. 5. End fastening apparatus is clasped by hydraulic automatically. This makes the discharge of the work-piece easy and labor-saving. 6. Roller forming: The pressure is even and solid. Micro-adjustment base on the diameter, thickness of the work-piece. 7. Electrical control is easy for operation.

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