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Yarn Dyeing And Finishings

Product Name :
Yarn Dyeing And Finishings
Model No :
high pressure Yarn Dyeing Machine-CH
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
1. Save energy and resources. Low liquor ratio design; greatly reduce the requirement for water treatment, cooling water, steams, chemicals, dyestuffs and electric power. Heating rate from 25℃~140℃ is at 30min, cooling rate from 140℃~80℃ is at 20min.
2. Wide application:
The machine can accomplish various treatments such as bleaching, dyeing and scouring.
3. Special pump design:
Pump is centrifugal type with high lifting head and large flow rate.
4. Easy and safe operation:
The door entrance uses automatic air cylinder operation. The dyeing process is set automatically into the controller. Auto or semi-auto is available for users. Easy for operation.
1. Rapid high temp high pressure. 2. Suitable for all kinds of fibers like natural, synthetic and polyester.

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