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Winner HSS Circular Saw Blades

Product Name :
Winner HSS Circular Saw Blades
Model No :
Target Markets :
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‧Advanced HSS steel and with 500N/mm2 to 800N/mm2 hardness.
‧Applied with manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic sawing machine for tubes and pipes cutting.
‧Open sections & solid sections up to 20mm.
Surface coating:
Original color, Titanium-coated, Azoted.
(Contact us for other special sizes requirement.)
(Contact us for other special sizes requirement.)
Remarks:Different applications make out different teeth & teeth number.
(The thinner and smaller teeth saw blade is suitable for processing or cutting steel and casting iron, or to make the shallow ditch; the thicker and bigger teeth one is used for processing or cutting aluminum, copper products and making the deeper ditch.)

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