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Portable Shaft-Column Magnetic Drill Tables

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Portable Shaft-Column Magnetic Drill Tables
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The durable shaft and Cylindrical slide with super magnet offer enough bearing force to ensure the precision of vertical.
Double casters with 330o rotary disc, more conveniently to move.
Two springy casings keep the shaft clean and prolong the life of body.
Suitable for those hard-move work pieces, such as process of heavy-duty machine, manufacture of steam furnace, production of machine tools, drilling operation of steel skeleton of building and large steel plate, etc.
1. Model: C-32.
2. Suitable drill: 2-32mm.
3. Power (AC): 110V 220V.
4. Max depth: 240.
5. Rotary degree: 180o.
6. Front and rear movement: 20m/m.
7. Area of magnet base: 130x260(mm).
8. Magnetic force: 2800kgs.
9. Height: 765mm.
10. Weight: 42kg.

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