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HT-10-66 Bicycle Equipment: 8 Stations Automatic Polishing Machines

Model : HT-10-66

1. Electricity: 35 kw. 2. M/C cycle time: 5-10 sec / pc. 3. 8 stations auto polishing M/C.

HT-10-21 Bicycle Equipment: Number Stamping Machines

Model : HT-10-21

1. Electricity: 3.75 kw. 2. M/C cycle time: 6-10 sec / pc. 3. Number stamping M/C.

HT-40-77 Bicycle Equipment: Suspension Inner Fork Double Holes Reaming Machines

Model : HT-40-77

1. Suspension inner fork double holes reaming M/C. 2. Electricity: 2.24 kw. 3. Air: 0.5 L/Min.

Chain Stay End Assembling And Brazing Machines

Model : HT-50-07

Bicycle frame assembling and bicycle processing equipments.

B.B. Shell And Chain Stay Automatic Brazing Machines

Model : HT-50-05

Bicycle frame assembling and processing bicycle equipments.

HT-10-17 Bicycle Equipment: Vertical Type Tube Notching Machines

Model : HT-10-17

1. Electricity: 3.75 kw. 2. M/C cycle time: 3-5 sec / pc. 3. Vertical type tube notching M/C.

HT-90-206 Bicycle Equipment: Horizontal Type Tube Notching Machines

Model : HT-90-206

1. Electricity: 5.625 kw. 2. Air: 25 L/Min. 3. Horizontal type tube notching M/C.

Mig & Mag Welders ( Industrial Welding Robots)

Model : N/A

1. Adopt with fanuc welding robot, most suitable designed tooling, automatic welding to save labor cost, and quality enhancing with steady output. 2. Large operation range to increase applications to various sizes of work pieces. 3. Teaching ...

Small Angle Benders (Metal Bending Machines)

Model : SB05

1. Dies can be designed by request, able to bend multi-pieces simultaneously. 2. Dust collection cover desice to keep cleanness, several sensors setting to keep normal operation. 3. Special for bending small radius pipe like air conditioner, ...

NC Control Tube Benders

Model : B75

1. Simple structures for easy operation & maintenance. 2. Options to adopt mandrel or not. 3. Design with strong clamping and bending capacity, module design for easy change over, and available with multiple options. 4. Spindle & ...

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