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CNC Benders: Pipe Bending Machines

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CNC Benders: Pipe Bending Machines
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1. Adopts PC based 4 axes controller for user friendly programming operator can control from PC directly.
2. With 15" touch screen for operation panels. Chinese and English displays are available. (option directly)
3. With auto-diagnostic and warning alarm messages for troubleshooting.
4. With 3 axes simultaneous motion. Able to do bending, rolling, and 3D spiral bending.
5. Able to set up spring back compensation.
6. Able to set up parameters of unmandrelling, mandrel lubrication, and spring back angle.
7. With contrastive table for programs, tubes, and dies for easy identification.
8. Repetitive feeding without using a mandrel can reach free limitation of length.
9. Able to set up production quantity.
10. Data can be stored in HD or floppy disk. The PC is equipped with 40GB memory, and able to be expanded upon request.
1. Model No.: CNC 32 BR8.
2. Horse power: 27 HP.
3. Max. bending capacity (mm): 32 x 1.8.
4. Max. bending radius (mm): 150.
5. Max. bending angel (o): 190.
6. Max. one time feeding length (mm): 2500.
7. Bending accuracy (o): ±0.05.
8. Bending speed (o/sec): 240.
9. Feeding accuracy (mm)
(1) Rack: n/a.
(2) Ballscrew: ±0.01. 10. Feeding speed (mm/sec): 1~1000. 11. Turning accuracy (o): ±0.1.
12. Turning speed (o/sec): 240.
13. Radius difference between stocks (mm): No Limit.
14. Dimensions (cm): 450x140x160.
15. Weight (kg): 5800.

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