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Torque Testers ( For Shut Off Type, Non-shut Off Pluse Type, Cutch Type, Impact Type)

Product Name :
Torque Testers ( For Shut Off Type, Non-shut Off Pluse Type, Cutch Type, Impact Type)
Model No :
RDT-4 / RDT-5 / RDT-6 / RDT-7
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
- Transducer is from 500 to 5000 N.m to be supplied.

- Transducer accuracy is better than +- 3%.

- Indicator functions:

1. Two display windows of the panel for torque with Limit Set or with Blows per Minute (B.P.M) and all show at the same time.

2. Clockwise or Anti-clockwise testing is available.

3. Also with a selective auto reset function.

4. Available calibrated in various torque units as well an automatic conversion function are included. (N.m, lbf.ft,, kgf.m,

5. The indicator works with different range of transducer, may also test the other type of power tools, such as: Oil Pulse-Shut off type, Oil Pulse-Non shut off type, Clutch type and torque wrench, ¡K and so on.

6. Power Source: AC 110V~240V.

It is suitable for detection all kinds of impact wrenches.

- It is available for the quality examination and the new product research development, specially is the best helper for the Production Department.

- It is convenient and accurate to use electric or dial wrench against the tested value.

- The certification report of transducer and management software are attached.

- The basic guarantee is 3 years for the instrument (included indicator and transducer).
RDT-4 Square Driver 1/4", 3/8" 25-500N.m 18.5-369Ft-lb 221-446In-lb 2.5-51Kg-m 250-5100Kg-cm RDT-5 Square Driver 3/8", 1/2" 50-1000N.m 74-738Ft-lb 85-8851In-lb 10.2-102Kg-m 1020-10200Kg-cm RDT-6 Square Driver 1/2", 3/4" 150-2500N.m 185-1845Ft-lb 25.5-255Kg-m RDT-7 Square Driver 3/4", 1" 250-5000N.m 369-3690Ft-lb 51-510Kg-m

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