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Wheel Machinings (CNC Turning Centers)

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Wheel Machinings (CNC Turning Centers)
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1. Built on the body of Vturn-36 this slant bed lathe has been specifically developed for max. efficiency in alloy wheel processing. Horizontal type lathe minimizes chip build up in wheel to prevent swarf marring the surface during operation. The machine's ample capacity allows wheels of up to 20" to be processed as standard specific features have been added to improve machine efficiency, including strong coolant flow, Z axis telescopic cover, increased spindle power, special 3 finger chuck and chip conveyor, while the tailstock has been removed to reduce machine cost.
2. Efficient chip evacuation:
High pressure coolant pump (6.5 bars) with 3 coolant pipes effectively washes hips away from the inside the wheel for coolant flow to prevent chip build-up within the wheel.
3. Large coolant tank gives a coolant capacity of 300 liters ensuring the machining is flooded with coolant during operation.
4. Telescopic cover for Z axis ensures no chips are trapped and prevents damage to the ballscrew. With 45 deg slants bed and a shower system located above the chuck cutting chips are quickly washed away from the machining area.
5. Special chip conveyor removing long spiral chips that are formed in wheel machining is offered as standard.
Net weight: 8700kg.

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