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Interactive LCD Arm

Model : CMA-20

Features: 1.Mounting pattern:100*100/75*75mm 2.Screw type:M4 3.Material: steel/aluminum alloy/plastic 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 500*497*619mm 5.Weight(Net): 3.7kg(8.15 lbs) 6.Swivel: +/-90° 7.Tilt: Max. +90°/-20° 8. Rotate(Pivot): ...

Desk Mount Height Adjust Stand

Model : DMA-741

Features: 1.Mounting pattern: 100*100/75*75mm 2.Screw type:M4 3.Material: steel/plastic/aluminum 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 291*433*251mm 5.Swivel: 360° 6.Weight(Net): 3.12kg(6.88 lbs) 7.Tilt: -5°(down)~25°(up) 8.Support max. weight: 8kg (17.64 ...

Desk Mount Pole Mount

Model : DMA-742

Features: 1.Mounting pattern: 100*100/75*75mm 2.Screw type:M4 3.Material: steel/aluminum alloy/plastic 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 672*370*240mm 5.Weight(Net): 3.14kg(6.92 lbs) 6.Swivel: max. +/-20°/ hinge 7.Tilt: ...

Tilt Wall Mount

Model : FMA-440

Features: 1.Mounting pattern: Max mount:400*400mm 2.Screw type:M4,M5,M6,M8 3.Material: steel 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 605*674*20mm 5.Weight(Net): 2.83kg(6.23 lbs) 6.Tilt angle:0°~-15°(free angle) 7.Support max. weight: 35kg (77.16 ...

Tilt Wall Mount

Model : FMA-4030

Features: 1.Mounting pattern: Max mount:440*330mm 2.Screw type:M4,M5,M6 3.Material: steel 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 508*368*48mm 5.Weight(Net): 5.1kg(112.4 lbs) 6.Tilt angle:0°,5°,10°,13°,15°(fix) 7.Support max. weight: 80kg (176.3 ...

Screen Cleaning Kit (25ml)

Model : HN-4167

Features: 1.Unique design for easy storage 2.Easy storage 3.Professional formula will not damage LCD screen. 4.Remove dust and fingerprint without streak, flock and stain. 5.Soft cleaning cloth will not scratch the screen. ...

Projector Mount

Model : PMA-053B

Features: 1.Mounting pattern: Diameter Ø325mm 2.Screw type:M3,M4,M5,M6 3.Material: steel/aluminum alloy/plastic 4.Dimension(W*H*D): 110*215*637.5mm 5.Weight(Net): 3.03kg(6.68 lbs) 6.Max. distance to the wall: 540mm 7.Weight capacity: ...

Anti-microbial Cleaning Wiper

Model : TL-CC-102

1.Provides protection against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms 2.Permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier 3.EPA and global registration 4.Permanently bonds to treated surfaces 5.Destroys ...

Screen Protector

Model : TL-CW-103

1.Provides scratch resistant surface for normal wear and tear. Screen protection up to 2x stronger than standard screen protection film 2.Preserves touch screen sensitivity sharpness and vividness of the display 3.UV and weather ...

Adjustable Security Frame For 7”/10” For Tablet PC

Model : TL-TH-07/10

Features: 1.Simple to operate 2.Universal usage for many kinds of Tablet PC 3.Also set up stand(by lock) for convenient horizontal or vertical view 4.Material: Zinc Alloy 5.Suitable: 7” and 10” Tablet PC 6.Optional:4-Dial combination type ...

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