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Thermoelectric Laminating Machines

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Thermoelectric Laminating Machines
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1)Machine structure:
i)Thermoelectric laminating element with cooling pipes. Heating setting up to 500-Celsius degree.
ii)Take out conveyors. For taking laminated materials out from heating element and offering pressure on material for better laminating effect.
iii)Over heat Safety alarm installed.
2)Application: lamination for EVA or PE material
i)Increasing raw material block thickness.
ii)High-heels sandals or child furniture.
iii)Package industry.
iv)Different density or hardness.
i)Thermoelectric welding and bonding two materials
ii)No need any glue or adhesive material between two raw materials
1)    Working width:
    i) Standard: 1300 mm
    ii)Customized working width is possible.
2)    Maximum working length:
    i) Standard: 2400 mm
    ii)Customized working length is possible.
3)    Laminating height:
    i) Standard: 300 mm
    ii)Customized working height is possible.
4)    Machine dimension: 5.5 X 3 X 2 (M)
5)    Total driving power: 4HP
6)    Total heating element power: 17.5Kw
7)    Recommend block thickness: more than 10mm. (Depend on Material)
8)    Using edge trimmed and surface skived (flat) block is recommended.

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