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Computer Servo Universal Testing Machines (2T)

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Computer Servo Universal Testing Machines (2T)
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1. Capable of tensile, compression, flexure, peel, shear, and friction testing¡Ketc. JTM's S210 series universal testers provide the ultimate functions for various material testing.
2. Testing in accordance with national standard ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN, CNS, and JIS.
The S210 Series test control systems feature advanced computer program which shows either force or stress or elongation or strain, all the functions are made by simple key operation for easy set up.
3. Features:
(1) Safety protection - Automatic detection of specimen breakdown point to protect the computer system and prevent load cell. It can be set in different safety capacity
(2) Speed - Adopt PLC automatic speed control device. Available in automatic and manual speed control
(3) Base - the machine is made of steel plant with hardened surface treatment. High strength, resistance of shakes
(4) Flexible Sample Testing - Specimens may be in rod, flat or form¡Ketc. Enable testing of various materials
(5) High Precision - Forces are measured with a precision within ±0.5% of indicated values. Adopt high accuracy and precision load cell to ensure test stabilities and low error
(6) Conforms to national standard - Meets ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, BS, JIS, CNS, UL...etc. standard requirement.
1. Load capacity: 2000kgf. 2. Driving method: 400W AC servo motor/ servo driver via reducing motor, transmit by high precision ball screws. 3. Resolution: 1/20,000. 4. Accuracy: ±0.5%. 5. Test speed range: 0~1000mm/min. 6. Spacing of crosshead for mounting grip: Max. 900mm (exclude the grips). 7. Crosshead speed and permitted force: full speed in rated capacity. 8. Effective test width: 400mm. 9. Indicator: computer display. 10. Load cell: high precision. Japan N.T.S made or equivalent made in America 11.Units of system selectable: (1) Force: kN, kg, lb, g, N, ton. (2) Elongation: mm, cm, inch. 12. Dimension: approx. 900x600x1500mm (W) x (D) x (H)mm. 13. Weight approx: 200 kg. 14. Power requirements: 3¡í, 220V/60HZ, or selected by customers.

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