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Computer Torque Wrench Testing Machines

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Computer Torque Wrench Testing Machines
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1. 200kg/m.
2. Hand tool testing machine.
Specifications: 1. Purpose: this machine is design for testing various hand tooling, wrenches and screw drivers. 2. Capable of breaking strength, repeatable fatigue and angle testing, etc. 3. The test control systems feature advanced PC control system for read, save and comparing test results. 4. All the functions are made by simple key operation for easy set up. 5. Driving method: servo motor/ servo driver via reducing motor. 6. Torque sensor: 100kgf-m, accuracy: ±0.5%. 7. Specimen dimension range: Max. 500mm. 8. Sofeware control: by manual and auto. 9. Angle display: adopt precise encoder, accuracy: ±1%. 10. Control system: PC control. 11. Equipped with a protection cover. 12. Grips: option. Quote separately according to customers’ requirement. 13. Safety protection. 14. Maximum capacity pre-set: once the pre-set level is reached, the machine stop automatically. 15. Maximum angle pre-set: once the pre-set level is reached, the machine stop automatically. 16. Automatic detection of breakdown point while the test specimen breaks. 17. Data display : (1) Item No. (2) Date and time. (3) Constant torque. (4) Constant angle. (5) Dynamic torque. (6) Break value (Max.: 100kgf-m). (7) Frequency pre set. 18. Conforms to national standard-meets national standard requirement. 19. Power: 220V. 20. For more information, please contact with us.

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