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Digital Bursting Strength Testers (Testing Machines)

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Digital Bursting Strength Testers (Testing Machines)
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This type of bursting strength tester is suitable for test the bursting resistance strength of paper. This machine is adopted with signal output of pressure. While specimen is breaking, the maximum breaking value will be kept with the alarm buzzer alert light automatically.
1. Capacity - high pressure G20, 25, 35, 50 kgf/ cm2 option. 2. Capacity - low pressure G3, 6, 12, 15 kgf/ cm2 option. 3. Sensor G pressure transducers. 4. Display G LED digital. 5. Oil G glycerine 75¢MAi still 25¢M. 6. Motor G shockproof motor 1/4HP. 7. Dimension G42 x 55 x 53cm. 8. Weight G65kg. 9. Power G1, AC 220V, and 2.6A. 10. One-year guarantee.

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