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Marine GPS Receivers

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Marine GPS Receivers
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Concinnity and solid design for GPS marine locator with full waterproof germin compatible marine GPS receiver. MR-700B is marine GPS receiver. Its excellent performance easily conquers the most difficult tasks. In addition, it provides various functions to meet customers' needs. MR-700B It provides marvelous navigation performance under dynamic conditions in areas with limited sky view like urban canyons.

16 channel ANTARIS 4 positioning engine
Ultra high sensitivity to -158 dBm
Supports Power saving modes
15 µA backup current
Ultra low power consumption 39mA

Possible Application:
Marine Navigation.
Fleet Management.
Mileage Management.
Tracking devices/system.
Data logging for marine Navigation.
Mapping devices for PC & Pocket PC.
Marine Navigation or touring devices.
AVL and Location-Based service system.
1. General: L1 frequency, C/A code(SPS), 16 Independent tracking channel. 2. Sensitivity: -158 dBm (tracking)/ -148dBm (acquisition/ reacquisition). 3. Accuracy: (1) Position: 2.5 meters CEP/ 2.0 meters CEP. (2) Time: 50 nanosecond rms (1 PPS). 4. Acquisition: (1) Cold start: 45 sec. (typical). (2) Warm start: 33 sec. (typical). (3) Hot start: 3.5 sec. (typical). 5. Reacquisition: 100 ms typical (signal reacquisition). 6. Dynamics: (1) Altitude: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max. (2) Velocity: 515 meters /sec (1000 knots) max. 7. Operation temperature: -40° C to +85° C. 8. Storage temperature: -45° C to +90° C. 9. Operating humidity: 0% to 95% RH, non condensing. 10. Water resistance: 100% waterproof1. 11. Primary power: 7V ~ 40V DC. 12. Power consumption: 60mA. 13. Protocol: NMEA, UBX (ublox proprietary), RTCM. 14. Signal level: RS-232(standard), & RS-422 optional. 15. NMEA message: GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG. 16. DGPS capability: Direct RTCM-SC104 interface. 17. EMI filter: rejects power line interference. 18. Power cable: UL 2464/26Awg 10M. 19. Enclosure: high impact, corrosion-proof polycarbonate resin. 20. Connector: open. 21. Dimensions: (1) GPS locator 90.5mm(Dia.) x 108.5mm(H). (1) Mounting base: 70mm(W) x 41.5mm(H) optional FB1 & FB2 & FB3. 22. Weight: 200 grams. 23. Standard mounting: concinnity and solid design.

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