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Telephone Line Cords

Product Name :
Telephone Line Cords
Model No :
UL Series
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
Product Description:
1. Standard tinned or bare copper conductor.
2. Color-coded polypropylene insulation.
3. PVC jacket.
4. Rating: 60C, 150V.
5. Passed VW-1 Vertical Flame Test.

Applications: internal calbe of electronic equipment, or as "Handset cord or telephone cord for subscriber sets UL 1863".
UL StyleItem NumberConductorNo. of CoresInsulationJacket
Thickness DiameterThickness Diameter
UL 20251202-28B2F28AWG (7/0.12)20.280.950.882.4 x 4.0
202-28B4F40.280.950.662.4 x 4.9
202-28B6F60.280.950.692.4 x 6.8
202-28B8F80.280.950.712.4 x 8.8
202-28B10F100.260.880.62.4 x 10.0
202-26B2F26AWG (7/0.16)20.240.950.882.4 x 4.0
202-26B4F40.240.950.662.4 x 4.9
202-26B6F60.240.950.692.4 x 6.8
202-26B8F80.240.950.712.4 x 8.8
202-26B10F100.20.880.62.4 x 10.0
202-24B2F27AWG (7/0.20)20.210.852.4 x 4.0
202-24B4F40.210.62.4 x 4.9
202-24B6F60.210.62.4 x 6.8
202-24B8F80.210.62.4 x 8.8

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