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Starlight Class DC Line Lock Cameras

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Starlight Class DC Line Lock Cameras
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This new starlight class camera is using our new advanced technology of DC line lock. In the past, we used AC line lock function or DC auto Iris lens to solve the color rolling problem of the fluorescent lights' frequency. But now we have new DC line lock advanced technology which is using new frequency sensor and circuit to identify the frequency under different environments, and also using new microprocessor to control CCD video quality to solve the color rolling problem. Besides, we are applying the patent of this new DC line lock technology.
1. 1/3" color sony CCD starlight class bullet camera with DC line lock function.
2. The most innovated technology of DC12V LINE LOCK by frequency sensor & precisely microprocessor (patent pending).
3. No any color rolling problem.
4. SONY 11-X DSP.
5. High sensitivity & starlight class performance.
6. Use anode processed surface.
7. Marco class 6mm or 8mm fixed iris lens, F1.1.
8. Full package with bracket and sunshield.
9. Power source DC12V.

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