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Tri-Block Small Bottle Filling Line And Bottling Machines

Model : CGF18186

1. It is used in washing, filling and sealing all kinds of non-air or air drinks such as fruit juice, oil & vinegar, wine, fruit wine, mineral water and pure water. 2. The multifunctional line with unique design, easy to operate. 3. Good ...

Micro Computer Bottle Washers And Fillers And Cappers

Model : XG 100 (900BPH)

1. Automatic break protection for power leakage and short circuit 2. Under-pressure protection: when incoming air's pressure is ≦0.5MPa, the equipment will be? automatically stopped. 3. Water-shortage protection: when the level of the ...

Mineral Water Bottlling Machines (Small Bottle 1500-2000BPH)

Model : JDS-GDG-12

This filling line used mainly for washing,filling and sealing the POP cans such as aluminium(alloy), plastics, etc.

Bottle Washing And Filling And Capping Machines (1000-2000BPH)

Model : JND 18-18-6B

1. Model: JND 18-18-6B. 2. Output: 1000-2000BPH. 3. Voltage: AC220V/380V±5%, 50HZ/60HZ. 4. Rated power: 11KW. 5. Washing heads: 18. 6. Filling heads: 18. 7. Capping heads: 6. 8. Applicable bottle type(L): 5--10. 9. Gas pressure(Mpa): ...

Hot Drink Washing And Filling And Capping Monoblocks

Model : GFR24-24-8

1. We provide ODM/OEM service. 2. 8000-12000BPH. 3. You can see more information in the file.

250ml ~ 2500ml Filling Machines

Model : JND 60-50-15D--70-65-15D(16000-30000BPH)

ISO baric (carbonated) washing/ filling/ capping monoblock 16000-30000BPH.

Micro Computer Bottle Washer And Fillers

Model : XG 100(100BPH)

The following types are available: XG-100(60BPH)/XG-100(100BPH)/XG-100(120BPH)/XG-100(200BPH)/XG-100(250BPH)/XG-100(300BPH). 1. Automatic break protection for power leakage and short circuit. 2. Under-pressure protection: when incoming air’s ...

Micro Computer Bottle Washers & Fillers

Model : XG 100 (300BPH)

1. This machine is specially designed to fill the purified water and the distilled water, mineral water and other bacteria free liquids. 2. The equipment is applied with 5GAL bottles (bottles of 1、2、3, 4 and 6GAL can also be applied, but the ...

Filling Line Machines For Bottled Drinking Water

Model : CGF18186

1. Advanced man-machine control system. 2. Suspension-style neck-catching structure to assure the convenience of changing bottles. 3. Safe protective devices. 4. The rinsing bottle-holder moves the bottle up and down automatically along ...

Drinking Water Bottling Machines

Model : XG-100 (200BPH)

Drinking water bottling machines, with filling capacity of 200bph. 1. The details for washing stations: (with 6kW heaters in the washing tanks). 2. There are total 5 washing stations: (the washing stations can be designed according to ...

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