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RO Systems

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RO Systems
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2.Salt rejection : 90%
3.Large Flow Rate: 1.1 liters per minute.
(under 60 psi water pressure no booster pump ).
1.4 Liters per minute (using booster pump ).
4.Pressure: 65~100PSI
5.Chlorine removal : 3000 gallons tested by 2 ppm chlorine.
6.Compact size design : 20 cm x 38.8 cm x 41 cm (LxWxH).
7.Easy change filters & maintenance.
8.Tanks are not requested.
9.All food grade materials.
10.Easy to replace fillters & membrane in the same side
11.All tube and electric device in the same side to prevent a short circuit.
12.Inlet/outlet/drain fittings are hidden to prevent hurting
13.Airtight design prevents cockroach to enter.
14.Tool not required to open front panel.
15.Built - in filter clip.
1.Drain clamps is optional 2.Salt rejection: 90% 3.Standard casing color: white/blue, white/gray 4.Booster Pump : yes LCD Display : non Weight (incl. Tank) : 11.5 kgs Measurement : 2.5 cu.ft

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