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Gas Spring Arms

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Gas Spring Arms
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1. Adjusts the screen to the most comfortable viewing angle.
2. Easily adjusts the screen to the most comfortable viewing angle.
3. Holds the screen in any position without the need for knobs or levers.
4. Provides counterclockwise and clockwise rotation of the arm.
5. Cable management helps to organize the cables in order.
6. Adjustment knob caters to different weight needs.
1. Weight capacity: 7~14 kg (15.4~30.8 lbs).
2. Tilt: 180° up and down (display) & 100° down (arm).
3. Rotation: 270° for portrait or landscape viewing.
4. Material: steel.
5. Mounting option: clamp type.
6. Pivot: 270°, 180° (desk, display).
7. Lift: 480mm.
8. Display compatibility: VESA 75/100mm.

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