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LCD Mobile Carts

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LCD Mobile Carts
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1. Accommodates sitting & standing users and matches different users’ heights.
2. Mouse support tray can be attached to the right or left hand side.
3. 3 stop wheels.
4. Safe belt adjustment for different sizes of CPU holders and UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
5. Comfortable design of tilting keyboard arm.
6. Two section poles to save package and transport cost.
1. Weight capacity: monitor~6kg (13.2 lbs).
2. Tilt: 10° up and 25° down (display).
3. Material: aluminum alloy.
4. Mounting option: mobile computing workstation cart.
5. Pivot: 160° (display).
6. Height: 1800mm.
7. Display compatibility: VESA 75/100 mm.

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