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Wing Nuts

Model : NU-WING02

Normal fastener, it's wing shape makes it easy to operate with fingers.

Lug Nuts

Model : NU-LUG01

Lug nut is for fastening vehicle wheel.

Plastic Toggle Anchors

Model : PC-ACH-28

Kay Guay specializes in providing OEM / ODM / Custom-Made Service. We can manufacture plastic anchors and other plastic components to meet customers' expectation. Contact us for more!

Sleeve Nuts

Model : SLEEVE-002

Made out of steel, sometimes shows up in a set with a screw, widely used in furniture and other industries. It's provided in different type of head and drive main function is to combine few components together.

Shoulder Screws

Model : MS-SHLD01

With its' high grade and tensile, shoulder screw is usually fixed with bearing, gear and work piece needs to resist high torque.

Square Set Screws

Model : MS-SQ01

Part of wide-using & popular model, it usually offers stopping function for parts with adjusting work.

Thread Studs

Model : MS-THRD01

thread stud is the most popular product, with its' full thread and any length, it can connect any work piece in its range.

Tamperproof Screws

Model : TS-HPN-01

Cone head tamper proof screws- anti theft / theft proof.

Blind Nuts

Model : BLIND-001

Such blind nut sometime needs a tool to operate with, widely be used in steel furniture system, especially steel cabinets. It's mainly to combine few pieces of steel plates and offers internal thread fuction.

Cap Screws

Model : CAP-001

Please follow German standard DIN912 for available size. Made of alloysteel, the strengh and tension is much higher than normal steel. Used to be put on machine, office chair system, and palce need to sustain high torque or series motion.

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