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Automatic Can Body Neckers ( Automatic Equipment)

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Automatic Can Body Neckers ( Automatic Equipment)
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S-B31 Automatic Necker with horizontal design. Can cylinder is carried by a timing screw and a turret. Neck is formed due to guidance from a shaped outer necking die made of ungsten carbide. Proper inner die is to prevent wrinkle. With entralized
greasing system and multiple safety devices, easy for enance and can size changeover.
1. Machine type S-B31 S-B31H.
2. Range of can dia. 200 - 401D.
3. Range of can height 70 - 200mm 110 - 260mm
4. Capacity Per Min. 3H Up to 300 CMP 3H Up to 300 CMP, 6H Up to 600 CMP, 6H Up to 500 CMP, 8H Up to 800 CMP and 8H Up to 600 CMP.
5. Horse power required: 3H 3HP, and 6,8H 5HP.
6. Floor space overall height: 1900 x 1200 x 1500, 2000 x 1200 x 1500 mm.
7. Net weight 2500 - 3200 kg, 2500 - 3200 kg.

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