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Membrane Keypads Keyboards

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Membrane Keypads Keyboards
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Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) refers to general PU elastic material. This material does not cause any damage to human body or the environment. It is the most popular and optimal environment material to replace traditional procedure of membrane switch for now.
Membrane switch standard operation characteristic:
1. Operation voltage: 30 volts DC Max.
2. Operating current: Up to 50 milliamps.
3. Contact resistance: 100 Ohms typical.
4. Circuit resistance: 20 to 100 ohms.
5. Power rating: 1.5 watt Max.
6. Insulation resistance: 10 Mega Ohms.
7. Life expectance: 0.5~5 millions cycles.
8. Contact bounce: 30 milliseconds typical.
9. Actuation force: 5 to 15 oz typical.
10. Operation & storage temp: -40~+75 degree.
11. Thickness: 0.6~1.5mm.
12. Application: 3C, machines, home system.

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