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Front And Back Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )

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Front And Back Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )
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1. Instance: apply the label on all kinds of round or quadrate container in one side or in frond and back, one run.
2. Features:
(1) Microprocessor control provides in one side or in front and back labeling choices.
(2) Synchromesh of conveyor and screwer have products be labeled in accuracy and run in stable speed.
(3) Simple adjustment for different size containers.
(4) Accurate labeling under the synchromesh of servo motor of top-holding unit and conveyor.
(5) Transparent label sensor (optional) is used to ordinary or transparent label.
3. Optional equipment: hot foil printer/ inkjet printer / feeding unit / collecting unit / encoder.
1. Power: 110 / 220 / 380v, 50 / 60Hz.
2. Speed(labels/min): 30~120 pcs.
3. Label width(mm): 10~120.
4. Label length(mm)): 10~300.
5. Label I.D(mm): 75.
6. Label O.D(mm): 300.
7. Machine size(mm): 2500(L) x 1750(W) x 1600(H).
8. Weight(Kg): 250.

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