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Electric Tow Trucks

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Electric Tow Trucks
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1. Sample purchase.
2. Electric sit-on type tow truck has very smaller turning radius, it is very good for in-door and out-door use.
3. It has no noise & no pollution.
4. It can tow 16 tons trolley on normal floor condition. It can tow 8 tons trolley over ramp.
5. 2 pieces of tow bars are at front and rear.
6. Microprocessed charger with equalizing function is standard equipment.
7. Full hydraulic power steering, with a very small turning radius.
8. Mosfet stepless electric controller.
9. The input current of charger can be adjusted between 220v and 440v.
10. Very strong towing force and very easy operate.
1. Battery: 400ah/48v / 480ah/48v / 560ah/48v / 630ah/48v. 2. Charger: 220v, 3 phase/48v-80a / 380v, 3 phase/48v-80a / 440v, 3 phase/48v-80a. 3. Tyres: soft solid / pneumatic. 4. Tow bars: 2 pieces / 1 piece. 5. Roof: with-out roof / with roof.

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