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Manually Propelled And Powered Lifting Pallet Stackers

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Manually Propelled And Powered Lifting Pallet Stackers
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1. Sample purchase.
2. The standard straddle type is used to carry european open pallets.
3. The wide straddle type is used to carry american closed pallets.
4. This stacker fits adjustable width forks, it can carry many pallets.
5. It has very smoothly wheels.
6. It is very easy to push / pull.
7. Built-in charger is very easy to charge the battery.
8. The standard 135ah/12v car battery can be used 1 ~ 1.5 years.
9. This is zero defect design product normally is no special service required.
10. This stacker is designed for 10 years use.
11. It needs d.i.y. Lubricated service only.
12. Fork wheels have diameter 80mm and 180mm for select.
1. Load capacity: 1,000kg 2. Straddle type: standard straddle / wide straddle 3. Lifting height: 2,500mm / 3,000mm / 3,500mm 4. Straddle outer width: 530mm / 690mm / 1,400mm / any width 5. Fork length: 900mm / 800mm / 1,100mm / 1,000mm 6. Charger: 220v/12a / 110v/12a

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