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Counterbalance Reach Trucks

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Counterbalance Reach Trucks
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1. Sample purchase.
2. This is mast reach electric stacker.
3. It use wide view mast, it can be easily see through.
4. It is controlled by steering arm, the operators do not need forklift truck driver's license for most countries.
5. It has no noise & no pollution.
6. Microprocessor charger with equalizing function is standard equipment.
7. Use adjustable width forged forks, it can handle any types of pallets.
8. Mast can be reached / drawn by 650mm or 750mm.
9. Turning radius 1,600mm only, it can be operated with-in 2.3 meter width aisle.
10. 3 sets of hydraulic systems: lifting/tilting/reaching.
11. Mast draw back can reduce truck weight, reduce truck length, increase stability.
12. The ride-on platform has gas shock absorber in-side to fold.
1. Load capacity: 1,000kg, 1,500kg, 1,800kg, 2,000kg. 2. Lifting height: 2,500mm, 3,500mm, 4,500mm, 5,500mm. 3. Mast type: duplex telescopic, full free lift, triple stage. 4. Battery: 195ah/24v, 240ah/24v. 5. Speed control: 3 speeds f/r / stepless f/r.

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