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6 In 1 Styluses

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6 In 1 Styluses
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1. Stylus pen (for touch screen devices).
2. Slotted screwdriver.
3. Philips screwdriver.
4. Reset pin.
5. Red ballpoint pen or orange fluorescent pen (for highlighting).
6. Ballpoint pen: Red, Black, Blue (choice two of the three).
(The pen also includes a refill color indicator on body).
1. The top of pen cap is a stylus pen. You can directly use it to operate any touch screen devices.
2. To use reset pin, pull the pen cap out firstly and then pull the reset pin out of the holder directly.
3. The screwdriver contains a bi-directional screwdriver head (slotted & Phillips). To use the screwdriver, pull the pen cap out firstly and then pull the screwdriver out. Simply let the screwdriver head that you are going to use face outside and insert another side back to the holder.
4. To use ballpoint pen, just hold the pen body by one hand and use another hand to twist the tip section left or right turn. The color of refill you are using will be displayed in the hole of refill color indicator.
5. To change the ballpoint refill, pull out the tip section from the pen, then pull out the used refill. Finally, insert the new refill back and then the tip section back.

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