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Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

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Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)
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1. Preforming:
The steam must be saturated at the temperature of 95°~105°C. To reach the density we demand with a continuous or batch type performer, sometimes pre-foaming twice is recommended, when we want the density below 12 kg/m³.
2. Conditioning:
Generally, 6-48 hours is recommended, depends on the density. Between the two steps performing, the conditioning time for 4~8 hours is suggested.
3. Moulding:
The machine should be fed with saturated steam with the maximal pressure of 1.3~1.5 bar (about 105~110°C). The steaming time depends on the equipment used as well as the required size and strength of the final product. Therefore, all the machines must be adjusted individually. In order to reduce the cycling time and to increase the strength of the product, the vacuuming of the equipment is recommended.
4. Storgae:
EPS should be stored indoor, and in a cool and good ventilated place. The storage temperature shall be maintained below 20°C. The lower, the better. Once bag is opened, shall be used as soon as possible to maintain freshness, "FIRST IN FIRST OUT".
Specification: (SB)

1. Bead size: 1.2-1.8mm.

2. Density: 13~18g/cm³.

3. Application: block, plate large package.

4. Humidity: ↓1%.

5. Specific gravity: approx. 1.03.

6. Pentane level: 6.5~ 7.5%.

7. Polystyrene: ↑92.5%.

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