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Stainless Steel Strips

Product Name :
Stainless Steel Strips
Model No :
304/ 430/ 316L
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( 1 ) We are not only provided perfect products with competitive prices for our customers, but also assisted our clients with professionalism. Our products stand out in the stainless steel market. Stainless steel coils are commonly used in a wide range of industries. Stainless steel coils include both cold rolled and hot rolled stainless steel coils. Thickness of cold rolled coils is up to 3mm and thickness of hot rolled coils is up to 14mm.

( 2 ) Stainless steel is extensively used in many industries. Different grades and surfaces can be used in the diversified environments. Common applications of stainless steel are as following:

1.Architecture, construction, and building structures.
2. Kitchenware, hardware, cutlery and tableware.
3. Surgical instruments.
4. Chemical, petroleum and machinery industries.
5. Sculpture.
6. Automotive and aerospace structures.
(a) Stainless steel coils with corrosive resistant characteristics to prevent damaging from decay chemical, marine, salt water and air, aerospace, elevator, kitchenware, and etc. Stainless steel coils are also used in cutlery, mobile homes, and hardware applications.
(b) Available Type: 304/ 316L/ 430.
(c) Available Surface Condition: 2B/ BA/ No.1/ No.4/Hairline/SB (Scotch Bright).
1. Steel Grade: 304, 316L, 430.
2. Surface Finish: 2B, BA, NO.1, NO.4, Hairline, SB (Scotch Bright).
3. Edge Type: Slit or Mill edge.
4. CR- 2B: (1) 0.4-3.0 x 1219 x C. (2) 0.31-3.0 x 1219/1250 x C. (3) 0.4-3.0 x 1219 x C. (4) 0.31-3.0 x 1000/1219/1250/1500/1524 x C. (5) 0.31-3.0 x 1000/1219/1250 x C.
5. CR- BA: (1) 0.3-1.5 x 1000/1219/1250 x C. (2) 0.31-1.5 x 1219/1250 x C.
6. CR- CSP (1/2H;3/4H): (1) 304 0.4-1.5 x 1219 x C.
7. HR- No.1: (1) 3.0-6.0 x 1219/1500/1524 x C. (2) 3.0-6.0 x 1219/1500/1524 x C. (3) 3.0-12.0 x 1219/1250/1500/1524 x C.

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