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Permanent oxidative hair dye

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Permanent oxidative hair dye

Permanent oxidative hair dye

We can provide more than 150 colors which cover all color series such as golden blonde, red, mahogany, ash , copper , green , violet, and natural color etc . In fact we can provide any color what you need.

The color can well cover gray hair, and  fashion color especially suitable for Asian natural dark brown hair.

Our dye contains low ammonia but without unpleasant odor, because the dye is formulated by liquid crystal emulsion base. It contains Meadowfoam oil , hydrolyzed wheat protein and shea butter, provides extra protection due to chemical treatment.    

We provide customized hair dye , such as  PPD or NO-PPD contain, ammonia or ammonia free , dyeing time 10 to 30 minutes etc

The product is packed in Aluminum tube, unit volume can be 40ml to 200ml per tube. It can be  a kit with  dye and developer in one box as well.

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