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Rootd Blowers

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Rootd Blowers
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1. TAI-YIH SUN 3-rotor roots blowers are new series roots type blowers. We made precise 3-rotors roots blower by advanced technology center machining machine using 4-spindle simultaneously be finished. It can reduce the tolerance of multiple-operation machining, and promote the precision of machining, also it will get a perfect gap between rotor and rotor to promote air performance, lower noises and vibrations.
2. It results a significant improvement as traditional 2-rotor roots blowers for lubricate bearings and gears with grease but Tai-Yih Sun roots blower be designed to add oil by double oil box. It is very convenient to maintain and oil has a better lubricating effect than grease. So it could be a longer life for bearings and gears.
Roots blowers compress air by two rotors' rotation in the contrary direction. Rotors do not contact under high speed rotating. Although only a 0.1~0.3 mm gap between two rotors. And it does not need add lubricating oil between rotors. So it can transport clean and none oil moist air.
3. 3-rotor blower's design can control back flow pressure to rotor so that reduce power consumption.
Lower noise: pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower.
3-rotor blower can decrease noise by approximately 5dB.
Bearing keep longer life: less vibration through transmission of rotor. The bearing life can keep 20% longer.
2-rotor conventional blowers result in pressure pluses and vibration rob power and shorten the life of every bearing, gear and other drive train components.
1. Wide range for air volume, pressure and vacuum.
(1) Bore: 25m/m~350m/m(1"~14").
(2) Capacity: 0.1~250 m3/min.
(3) Pressure: 0~8000 mmaq.
(4) Vacuum: -5000 mmaq.
2. Satable air flow and less pressure variation.
3. Clean air not with oil moist.
4. Construction simple and easy maintenance.
5. Oil-Bearings are all lubricated by oil long life.

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