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Wheel Paddle Wheels

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Wheel Paddle Wheels
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1. Cost-effective:
TAI-YIH SUN K-004 paddle wheel is 4-wheel structure with three floating boat and big stainless steel frame while using 2HP motor and high-quality reducer so that the paddle wheel K-004 can be more stable and not easy to swing during operation. However, there are four wheel for the oxygen generation and create a bigger water flow and more dissolved oxygen. It can decrease the q'ty of paddle wheel use and reduce the cost of purchase.
2. Large and deep water flow:
TAI-YIH SUN K-004 paddle wheel to compare with the 2-wheel paddle wheel with larger water flow and more dissolved oxygen, the most important to apply in deep shrimp ponds . Due to the large flow and more wide range of oxygen caused by 4-wheel paddle wheel, it is a easy-proliferation for the bottom of the ponds. Applicable to large-scale aquaculture ponds or deep water, high-density breeding, and high level of dissolved oxygen aquaculture.
3. High efficiency:
TAI-YIH SUN K-004 paddle wheel could provide oxygen for 800kg of black tiger shrimp or for 1200kg of white shrimp (vanname shrimp) comparing the 2-wheel paddle wheel for 500kg of black tiger shrimp or 800kg of white shrimp, but also provides a higher level of dissolved oxygen in large.
1. Motor: 2HP x 4P x 3(mm)/Tai Yih Sun Brand.
2. Worm gear: 1:14(50Hz), 1:17(60Hz)(mm)/ gear: aluminum bronze.
3. Stainless steel frame: 725W x 1650L(mm)/ AISI 304 stainless steel.
4. Floating boat: 300 x 210 x 1800(mm)/ H.D.P.E.
5. Wheel: 220W x 670(mm)/ nylon.
6. Stainless steel shaft: 25 x 850L(mm)/AISI 304 stainless steel.
7. Stainless steel movable joint: 25 x 90 x 90(mm)/ AISI 304 stainless steel.
8. Engine cover: 200 x 290 x 610(mm)/H.D.P.E.
9. Pillow block: 120H x 220L(mm)/nylon.
10. Machine setting bar: 3/4" S.G.P. x 2000(mm)/galvanized steel bar.

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